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International Innovations Forum in the Agrarian Sector

Agrotech-2019. Steps Beyond the Horizon


The Forum 'Agrotech-2019. Steps Beyond the Horizon' will provide the platform for representatives of the business, public ministries and authorities, private capital funds, scientific community for discussion of necessary steps for acceleration of innovative development of agriculture in Russia.

The world agrarian sector will be defined in the short-term period by the need of its transition to the principles of sustainable, "clever" development. This trend assumes the significant growth of resources use efficiency, their preservation. Where it is possible, improvements and increases, cardinal change of an environmental pressure of the sector.  All this is unreal in the frame of the current technologies and way of taking management decisions. Innovations in agriculture becomes an imperative for the future development.

This challenge is also complicated because there is a noticeable gap between the modern agrarian science and education for the last decades in Russia, if to compare with the most advanced countries, the main competitors in the world food and agricultural markets.

The Russian Government approved the Federal Scientific and Technical Program of development of agriculture (FSTP) for 2017–2025 that assumes technological breakthroughs for the critical areas in agriculture, financing and support measures. However, innovative development cannot be based only on the state efforts.

The innovations are the contribution of science, private business, investment of the large companies and venture funds into technologies all around the world. If you want to compete on the market, you should be innovative.

The following problems will be discussed:

  • World trends in agricultural innovations
  • The Russian best practice cases in agriculture
  • State policy measures for acceleration of the innovations projects in Russia

The main discussions panels:

  • Bioengineering and genetics
  • New chemistry and the combined methods of protection of plants
  • Digital revolution in agriculture
  • Engineering and robotization


May 30, 2019
Myasnitskaya Str., 20

World Trends in The Development Of Agrarian Science And Technology

Moderator: Eugenia V. Serova, Director of Institute for Agrarian Research of NRU Higher School of Economics

Opening. Greeting words:

  • Oxana N. Lut, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation
  • Irina M. Donnik, Vice-President of Russian Academy of Science, Agriculture Department
  • Leonid I. Yakobson, Vice-President of NRU Higher School of Economics
  • Leonid M. Gokhberg, First Vice-Rector of NRU Higher School of Economics

Key Speakers:

  • Nabil Gangi, FAO Deputy Regional Representative for Europe and Central Asia
  • Margaret M. Zeigler, Executive Director, Global Harvest Initiative (USA)
  • Ivan V. Lebedev, Stats-Secretary -  Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation
  • Eugeny V. Zaytsev, Managing Partner of Helix Venture Fund
  • Ivan S. Sandu, Head of the Division on Economic Problem of Scientific and Technological Development  in Agro-Industrial Complex, Federal Scientific Centre on Agrarian Economics and Social Rural Development – All-Russian Institute of Agrarian Economics
  • Nikolay P. Elatkin, Head of Laboratory of Genetics, «Miratorg» company
  • Oleg V. Mironenko, Executive Director, «National Organic Union»
  • Artem S. Belov, Executive Director, «Soyuzmoloko»
Session 'Bioengineering and Genetics'

Myasnitskaya Str., 20, Hall 311

Session 'New Chemistry and Combined Methods of Plant Protection'

Myasnitskaya Str., 20, Hall 309

Session 'Digital Revolution in Agriculture (Engineering and Robotization)'

Myasnitskaya Str., 20, Hall 101

May 31, 2019
Myasnitskaya Str., 20

Mechanisms of State Support for Innovation in the Agricultural Sector

Moderator: Nadezhda V. Orlova, Head of  Division on Economics of Innovations, Institute for Agrarian Research, NRU Higher School of Economics

Key Speakers:

  • Andrey A. Fursenko, Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation
  • Evgeny S. Savchenko, Governor of Belgorod region
  • Alexey M. Medvedev, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation 
  • Thomas L. Thompson, Associate Dean and Director-Global Program, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Virginia Polytechnic University 
  • Dmitry V. Butusov, Deputy Head of the Government of Orlov Region on Agriculture
  • Altaev R.V., Director for Development and Cooperation with Key Partners, Cluster of biotechnological and Medical Technologies
  • Mikitas A. V, Deputy General Director of the FGBU "Fund for the Promotion of the Development of Small Forms of Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Sphere" (Foundation for the Promotion of Innovations)
Session 'Innovations in Rural Development'

Myasnitskaya Str., 20, Hall 311

Session 'State Investment in Agrarian Science'

Myasnitskaya Str., 20, Hall 101

Session 'Venture Funds and Technology Transfer Funds'

Myasnitskaya Str., 20, Hall 101

Session 'Modern System of Agricultural Education and Retraining'

Myasnitskaya Str., 20, Hall 309